Photos Christina Blu

Actress, Mindset and Online Coach, Writer for Educate Inspire Change


Mark Middlewick [Director]

“This film wouldn’t work without you at the heart of it. What makes your performance so special is that it’s completely and utterly sincere. At the same time you never ever complained during the shoot, when most actors would have let their standards drop. Thank you. You’re a beautiful human being inside and out and your spirit kept us all going when things got tough.”

Alex [Raddison Blu TV Series Ep.1]

“Pass on my thanks to Christina who was an absolute joy to be sat opposite and was extremely patient with me and was always ready to give me advice when I required it and really put my nerves at ease. An absolute professional and also extremely funny. I could have (and almost did!) spend all day listening to her pronounce dishes at the table!”


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