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10 Jul

Bali Adventure

I can't express how amazing Bali is, it's a feeling you can't describe until you go there yourself. Something about the whole place is just so beautiful warming and magical. Before Bali, although I want to see everywhere I kept getting this strong feeling that I need to go to Bali, it was weird because I'd never really felt I needed to go somewhere so much before. But I was at a point that I felt so bad and was suffering sever heartbreak from losing my Dad and just needed some time alone. So I booked my flight and a week later I was there by myself! I had no expectations apart from to relax in this beautiful place. I...
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25 Feb

Shooting the new HSBC TV Commercial in Sri Lanka and Dubai

  We made over 1.3 million views on Facebook! :)  Not only am I grateful to be given the opportunity to land a lead role, get paid to do something I love and travel to Sri Lanka and have the best experience of my life I am so happy to be apart of a project with such an inspiring message HSBC are putting out there of 'Supporting Human Ambition.' The Audition Process This year, I didn't get to go home for Christmas due to work reasons - and I believe this is the reason why. On boxing day me and my friend Pimms went for Sushi in Vii Dubai and I remember telling her about the audition that I had in the morning, I didn't really know what...
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