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25 Feb

Adventures In Sri Lanka

This little adventure was such an amazing start to the year and was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life. It really gave me a different perspective, lit my inner flame and gave me a new purpose.


Sri Lanka is really beautiful, everyone lives simply and they are all so happy. I felt entirely grateful the whole time that I got offered the opportunity to have this amazing experience doing something that I love to do. I felt alive the whole time!


The first audition for this job was in December the day after boxing day. I saw the applied for the job on The night before I remember telling mygirll  Pimms when we were having Sushi in Vii Dubai that I’m not going to drink that much because I have an audition in the morning. The casting originally advertised in Georgia, so I was like, “Ahh there is this fab audition tomorrow to go to Georgia I’ve always wanted to go there!!!” I thought it meant I would be going to Georgia in America. Anyway I didn’t end up having a few drinks and we went to Cirque Dubai and met her old friend Red Cafe, anyway after the club closed we all ended up staying up till like 6am having coffee and talking for hours about Life and books! Its those moments I live for with people who just spark your inner spirit and excite you.


Well thank god I got up and still went to the audition anyway! The first casting was a simple audition for about 30 minutes. When it ended I asked a bit excited, How come your casting here for all the way in Georgia?! Farid the casting guy was like, erm… Georgia in the middle east. I was like oh right. I did actually google Georgia Dubai but the only thing that came up on my search was Georgia Salpa! Anyway my Georgia’n dream didn’t happen, but after 3 more long auditions later and having to film myself cycling round Dubai Marina to send to the casting director one more time – I tried not to think about it too much because you go to so many auditions and castings you have to just let it go and if you get the job you get the job, if you don’t you don’t. Whatever will be will be.


But I got a call from Farid from Mix Fame only a few days before the trip telling me I got the part. I cannot express this feeling. I couldn’t think straight for the whole day, little did I know it would be even more than what I could ever expect it to be.


The whole team was really amazing. Mark Middlewick the director really made my job so much better and I feel so lucky that I got to work with such a wonderful talented director he made everything real and authentic.
He really got me into the zone by going in depth an asking a lot of questions about me which made me really think about my life. Whoever the girl was in the advert, I definitely felt like I became her. He kept everything as a suprise from me so that all of my reactions where just real! The whole time I didn’t know what to expect. We did so much travelling and shooting each day we where shooting for like 20/23 hours. I honestly didn’t even need sleep and I didn’t want to sleep because I didn’t want to miss anything!

It also stripped my boundaries because I was wearing plain clothes and I wasn’t allowed to wear any make up until the very last scene. At first I felt self conscious and a bit worried because I’m used to wearing make up every day. But honestly it made me realise that it really doesn’t matter and I feel so much more free. If you don’t like my face its my face so it doesn’t matter hah!


Breakfast with a beeeautiful view in Ozo Hotel


   Actress Blog


Day Before the Shoot

Hotel Columbo Sri Lanka

The 3AM Start

Sri Lanka Diary

Christina Blu

Christina Blu Actress


Sri Lanka


Christina Blu

James Adey with the fishermennn:

Sri Lanka

6am and we’re readyy….:

Christina Blu

The Amazing Set!!


Actress and Director

Fell In Love with the Elephant

Christina Blu Filming

 Sri Lanka

Shooting the last scene in Sri Lanka:

After the second day of 23 hour Shooting

Last Day of Shoot Back in Dubai

Cycling round the deserts of Dubai!

Christina Blu Actress

Christina Blu

Christina Blu Actress

Writing Secrets:

Shooting the very last Scene in Downtown

Christina Blu

Andd the Bike broke!



Too much excitement and no sleep =


The final advert…

Made 1.2 million views on Facebook!


Thank you so much Mark Middlewick (Director), James Adey (DOP), Jordan Knight (Producer), Thomas Simon(DOP Dubai), Magnet Products, Farid Mix Fame, Tanya Darmaratnam, Anthony Kidd (Stylist), Suaad Jeppie, Pascal Baboudijan, David Zavedescu (editor) and the Aly Seifelnasr and the HSBC Team! xxxxx

Christina Blu
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